Our Services


MPN believes in starting any work with complete clarity and precision in order to deliver a world-class quality project. Before the building commences, MPN team sits with the clients and architects to understand the project goals with mockups, samples and investigations of existing product installations. This way a comprehensive project plan can be charted out, thus providing the project owner and architect with control of the project's schedule. Further preparations include identification of team goals, which the company regards as a primary objective during pre-construction. A detailed schedule with goals and anticipated construction requirements serves as an effective road-map for design, development and decisions regarding project scope, budget and procurement. The result, a controlled and efficient use of preconstruction resources that allows timely acquirement of government approvals needed to complete the project in good time and within the decided budget.


MPN Builders commitment to clients does not stop with just meeting requirements. The company follows a hands-on approach by providing its exhaustive management skills and services and direct supervision to all its projects. And that means, not just building services, but also offering value-additions such as structural and architectural concrete work, including forming, placing and finishing. To maintain a smooth working environment and to enable effective communication, MPN Builders puts in place a comprehensive information interface sharing all project and work in progress details with the owner and architect. This involves various components ranging from scheduling, cost control, billing to job meetings and procurement tasks.


MPN Builders work ethics give utmost importance to the project owners investments. The company's Construction Management Services with its impeccable record is assurance to the owner of an organized, well-defined job site running like a well-oiled machine This is achieved through a methodical process involving cost control, scheduling coordination, quality control and timely execution of plans throughout the project. From start to finish, the company goes all-out in ensuring schedule compliance, coordinate proper document control and thereby protecting and optimizing owners investments. Furthermore, MPN's knowledge of local building codes, life safety requirements, permitting and other local nuances in the construction immensely contributes to the timely completion of projects.


MPN Builders takes pride in delivering caliber results when it comes to undertaking Design/Build projects. With a strong network, MPN builders is highly capable of integrating and streamlining processes like planning, design, engineering and construction responsibilities, thereby offering a truly advantageous position to its clients in realizing their projects. A comprehensive project team management is what lets the company achieve great results. Be it offering professional services, from consulting and feasibility studies, to the complete design, engineering and construction expertise to full implementation of a project, the MPN Builders team planners, engineers and builders always work in tandem towards attaining the common goal of providing a quality product at a competitive price.